*FREE* Garden Classes and Workshops

2011 Creston Neighborhood Community Garden “Garden As You Go” Workshops

June 7th Garden Without a Yard

Description: A lot of city folks do not have access to a yard to grow their own food. What is the
solution?! TOPSY TURVYS!! We will be handing out free transplants and topsy turvys to at the food
pantry pick up.

June 4 Soil- A recipe for success

Come on out to the work day and join us in a discussion about the importance of building soil

June 18 Worms are our Friends Learn how to build a compost bin and what to toss in.

Growing your own food is fun but what to do with all those inedible scraps?! The solution is worms.
Come down to the garden and learn how you can add to the compost heap we have on site or start your
own compost pile at home!

July 9 WEEDS- all that picking with little reward

Learn more about how to weed, what to weed and organic methods to diminish the growth of weeds

**July 24 Bugs, Grubs and fungi OH MY!

Come explore different organic methods to control pests without polluting our earth and the food we

August 6 Best pickin’s- when to harvest the goods!

Not sure when to pick that pepper? No worries come on down to the garden and learn more about
when to harvest your crops!

August 20 Canning, Freezing and Drying- Store some summer sunshine for the winter months

September 17 Growing on a big scale- join us as we check out a CSA for a day!! At the Blandford Nature Center

October 1 Winter is here- help your garden hibernate

All classes will be held at 10 am on Saturday morning except for the ** which will be held Sunday
afternoon at 1 pm.