Carman Street Garden

The Carman Street Garden site is located in the Northeast end of Grand Rapids and in the Creston Neighborhood (population 876), and is a 50 x 100 feet rectangular piece of land adjacent to an alley way.

The garden site is located on Carman Street and abuts the Creston Christian Reformed Church ministry center building. This parcel of land is owned by the Creston Christian Reformed Church and has been graciously offered for the purpose of creating a community garden.

Until 1976 there was a privately owned/rented house on this site (1344 Carman). The house was razed in 1976 after which the property came into the possession of the Creston Christian Reformed Church.

In 1967 the Church built their Ministry Center at 1343 Buffalo, which, by 1977, housed a neighborhood preschool. This building was also a community space used for continuing education through the Grand Rapids public schools. Currently it hosts church and community events and activities. When the church obtained the Carman Property it was used as a playground for the preschool, as well as for outdoor social events for the church.

This site is ideal for gardening, enjoying a good measure of sun and will soon to be wheelchair accessible.

The garden design will include:

-8 individual plots for rent
-2 raised beds for people with disabilities who need modified gardening spaces (2 ft. high)
-Communal Gardens (all produce will go to local pantries)
-Communal Mushroom Garden
-Communal Herb Garden

Garden Coordinator - Andrea